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Integrated Dance Movement Analyst Certification (IDMA)
3-Month Immersive Virtual Training

New dates Coming soon!
Advanced Education for Dance Professionals who want to enhance their movement assessment skills and bring science to the studio

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Are you a Dance Professional who would like to expand your professional offerings? 

By accurately assessing movement patterns in dancers we can quickly correct observed problems, effectively enhance performance, and work with dancers in a safe way backed by science.

Working with dancers requires a specialist approach. The research around movement science changes quickly and often does not take into account the demanding training necessary to work with dancers.

It can be frustrating for busy professionals who want to stay updated but do not have the time to sift through mountains of current research. This is why I created The Dance Movement Analyst Certification.

The Integrated Dance Movement Analyst Certification is a Streamline Approach That Gives You The Knowledge That You Need To Make Lasting Changes With Your Students and Clients

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The Integrated Dance Movement Analyst Certification

3-Month Virtual Immersive Training

  • Be able to accurately assess and correct improper movement patterns, strength imbalances, and mobility restrictions in Dancers

  • Quickly address the source of observed technical problems

  • Learn an in-depth approach to dance movement science


  • Become a member of an International Community

  • Be able to offer wellness screenings as part of your business

  • Easily work with dancers in a safe way to gain trust from parents and studio owners.

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New Dates Coming Soon!

What's included?

  • 3 LIVE Zoom coaching sessions with Leah! Get in-depth training on each module, understand how to apply the information to your unique practice, and connect with like minded colleagues from around the world. *All coaching sessions will be recorded if you can't make it. ($500 value)


  • BRAND NEW virtual trainings every other week, accessible and housed in your own student portal! With access for a full calendar year. ($350 value)


  • Direct access to Leah for questions and to help troubleshoot any questions that come up! ($300 value)


  • Invitation to a private community group where you can network and learn from shared experiences! ($150 value)

  • Free E-Book to help develop your skills in clinical terminology in order to communicate clearly to healthcare professionals ($30)

Who is This Program for?
This program was created for the Dance Professional who have been looking for ways to enhance their work with dancers but have not found a program that teaches the science behind dance movement. Many educational courses only cover corrective exercises, are a huge investment, and do not cover dance specific material. With so much information out there, it can feel impossible to know where to start.
This is why I created The Integrated Dance Movement Analyst Certification!
This program is ONLY open to current professionals working in the field of dance or those currently enrolled in a dance higher education program. You must be open to implementing new ideas and looking to further your education. 

In this 3-month program we will learn...

  • Module 1- The Foot & Ankle: One of the most important yet complicated parts of the body. This training will dive into the structure and function of the foot while dancing. As well as how movement patterns can effect the mobility of the foot.


  • Module 2- The Knee & Hip: In this module we will explore how to manage the natural mobility of the hip and knee is order to address common concerns like hyper-extension, snapping of the hip joint and turnout restrictions. 


  • Module 3- The Spine & Thorax:  An often over looked part of the dancers body, mal-alignment in the spine and thorax can greatly affect the function of joints above and below. Understanding the relationship to the Pelvis and the Thorax can be the missing link to many observed problems


  • Module 4- Static Joint Assessment: We will go over each joint in the body and be able to identify correct alignment in a static stance to better train your eye for movement.


  • Module 5- Movement Analysis: Learn how to perform a full body assessment and discover the root cause of observed problems. The goal is to enhance your movement assessment skills and create lasting changes with your students/clients/patients. 


  • Module 6- Corrective Exercise Theory & Programing: Full body flexibility is an important part of training dancers. In this module we will go over the theory behind why dancers have physical restrictions and how to begin to address these concerns

Every dancer is unique, and it is important that we teach in a way that will enhance your students skills in a safe way.

Frequently Asked Questions 

When are the LIVE calls?

The live calls will take place on Sundays at 9am (Pacific Time) starting on February 26th and take place on the last Sunday of each month for 3 months.

What if I can not make the LIVE calls?

All the calls will be recorded and there is a ton of value to the program even if you miss the calls. Everyone enrolled in the program will receive an on-demand recording of the full program and be able to have access to me in order to ask questions as they come up.


I do not have a lot of time right now will the program be offered again? 

This program will not open for enrollment again until 2024. Those enrolled have a full year to complete the course. The On-Demand nature of the program is ideal for the busy professional.

Who is this program for?

This program was designed for 

  • Dance Instructors who are looking to deepen their understanding of the science of movement

  • Pilates Instructors who specialize in working with dancers

  • Dance Majors looking to supplement their studies and jump start their teaching career

  • Certified Progressing Ballet Technique Teachers who want to a better understanding of how to use PBT in the studio

  • Studio Owners who would like to incorporate healthy practices into the studio

  • Professional Dancers looking to enhance their own dancing

What will happen during the program?

Every other Monday you will receive a  a new training in your student portal. At the end of the month we will meet LIVE to discuss the trainings, ask questions, and review any case studies that you may have.

What kind of access to you do I have during the program?
During the 3-months you will have unlimited individualized guidance to make sure you succeed. You can send me messages, pictures, videos, anything to help you with if problems come up along the way.


Is there an additional fee to receive my certification?

After you complete the course at your own pace there is NO FEE to take your certification exam.

I am already certified in Pilates, Gyrotonic, Progressing Ballet Technique or a similar program. Will this still be helpful? 

This program was designed to enhance your movement practice with all modalities. This program will give you the tools to become a dance specialist within your chosen field.

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