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Functional Rehabilitation for
Dancers, Artistic Athletes & Active Adults

We treat the root cause of performance based injuries and help you get back to what you love as soon as possible
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How we can help
We are a one-stop clinic that is designed to help you through the full treatment of performance related pain & injuries. We provide Osteopathic Manual Therapy, Orthopedic Massage Therapy, and Therapeutic Pilates to help you excel.
Far too often Performance Athletes are told to stop doing their activities without proper guidance. This can lead to de-conditioning, a strain on your mental health, and increase risk of injury when you return. Our goal is to keep you moving as much as possible during treatments and to help you return stronger than you were before.
Osteopathic Manual Practitioner
STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer
Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist
Dance Rehabilitation Specialist

Leah Bueno practices a unique blend of Osteopathic Manual Therapy, Orthopedic Medical Massage Therapy and Therapeutic Pilates. Her focus is on an integrated approach to treating musculoskeletal injuries and understanding why you are in pain. By recognizing that all of her patients are unique she is able to adeptly utilize techniques across many disciplines tailored to their needs.


Leah is a former professional ballet dancer and has 20+ years’ experience working with dancers. She is a sought after dance specialist and regularly receives referrals from Sacramento's top orthopedic and physical medicine doctors. In addition to her clinical work she is passionate about helping the dance community work with dancers in safe ways. Leah has written several articles for Dance Magazine, has been interviewed about dance health nationally and internationally, and has developed programs for Dance Teachers to help bring science into the studio. 


What is Osteopathic Manual Therapy?

Osteopathy focuses on facilitating the health of joints, muscles, and connective tissue through non-invasive manual therapy. Leah Bueno is a European trained Osteopathic Manual Practitioner and uses manual therapy to maximize your body's natural healing potential at the beginning of rehabilitation.
What is Therapeutic Pilates?

Therapeutic Pilates is an adaption of traditional Pilates, developed by physiotherapists and clinicians using a science/evidence based approach. Leah Bueno is an Instructor Trainer for STOTT Pilates and uses this method to correct any muscular imbalances, mobility imbalances, or movement patterns that may contribute to an injury.

What we can help with

  • Foot and ankle injuries or pain

  • Back pain

  • Hip pain

  • Shin Splints

  • Tendon injuries

  • Sciatica

  • Scoliosis

  • Hyper/hypo mobility (too flexible, too tight)

  • Shoulder injuries or pain

  • Knee Pain

  • Pre-pointe preparation

  • Clicking/Snapping Hips

  • Chronic Conditions

  • Fresh injuries (sprains, strains)

  • Reoccurring injuries

  • Persistent weakness



Bailey Madill
Freelance Dancer

My coaches have seen a big shift in my dancing since we started working together. I am thrilled to have my passion back. Thank you for empowering me!

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Juliana Bellissimo
San Francisco Ballet

I'm so impressed by your knowledge and passion for helping dancers. I have no idea how you see so much. Thank you for being my Pilates Guru!

Jonathan Dole
Joffery Ballet

I never knew ballet could feel so good. I used to be in constant pain when I danced. After working with you I can feel the correct muscles engaging and I am able to focus on enjoying my art form.

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Andromache Noti
Kirov Academy DC

Working with you has helped me so much after my knee injury. I am a stronger and more conscious dancer and could not be more grateful

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Megan Tice
Sacramento Ballet

It is wonderful to have you in my corner. Your insight is such an asset. When I thought nothing else would work you helped me understand why I was in pain. Thank you!

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