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Online services are for any dancer looking for expert guidance on how to manage their injuries, improve strength and flexibility, or reduce the risk of injuries in the future. Many dancers seek online consultations after they have seen local healthcare professionals and their goals have not been met. Working with a Dance Specialist is often the missing link needed to get out of pain and do what you love.



Many dancers do not have access to high quality dance specific care in their local area. We offer online consultations and work side by side with your local therapist when appropriate. Leah helps Dancers improve their flexibility, achieve technical goals and get out of pain even when nothing else seems to work. 

Reaching your goals does not have to feel impossible! In the 20+ years she has been working with dancers she has helped thousands of dancers achieve things that they never thought possible. Many of whom she has never met in person.

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Online sessions will be exactly the same as any face to face appointments. We will work closely together to understand the best way for your body to move that will lead to huge results. I aim for 100% success with all of my clients and only work with those that I KNOW I can help. In the case of a dance related injury we can help you create a specialized return to dance program to get your back on your feet.

Each session will be a 60 minutes online virtual consultation. During your sessions we will go over your case history, examine how you are moving, and learn exercises to help you reach your goals. Then we will work together to create a customized program unique to your needs.


I will be with you every step of the way to discover what works for your body and teach you how to continue to meet your goals. On average dancers need five-six sessions. However, each person is an individual and we will go over an expected session plan during your initial consultation.

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